Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Entwined Tree


9/2/22 Washington Park Arboretum (ArtGraf water-soluble graphite)

Looking at the ongoing “heat advisory” forecast, we had considered various city parks that would offer the most shade. When Friday afternoon rolled around, though, the temperature peaked in the mid-70s – about as perfect as it could be.

Nilda found the tree at the Washington Park Arboretum that she’d seen before and that had personal meaning for her. I concurred that it was an extraordinary tree: It looked like two trunks that had become entwined. Or was it a single tree that had split and then the two parts twisted back together? And how many years had it been growing to attain that formation? Seated together on a nearby bench, we both drew it, enjoying the ideal weather, knowing how fleeting it is.


  1. Sounds like perfect sketching weather! I like the twined trunks...very nicely done!


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