Sunday, September 4, 2022

More Palms


8/30/22 Maple Leaf neighborhood

I enjoyed sketching palms so much the other day that I think I might go back around to all of the ones on my neighborhood walking route that I’ve sketched previously. Palms are rarely full and symmetrical; they are almost always missing a few fronds, like a gap in a smile. It’s tempting to fill in gaps, but you know me – I’m always “truthful to the scenes I witness.”

By the way, these two palms are next door to the house that is up on stilts, which I sketched a few months ago. The owner is living in the camper in my sketch, and he seems to be doing some of the construction work himself.

Since I sketched the house on stilts, a fence has gone up around the property (at left in my sketch), so I can’t see much of what’s going on at ground level. The door to the upper part has been removed, though, and I can see that the interior has been gutted. I keep walking by with the hope that something sketchable might be happening above the fence level, but nothing so far.


  1. I love Palms. I also appreciate how you draw how it looks, not necessarily picture perfect!
    Cathy I

  2. Nice sketch of the palms and I appreciate their irregularity. Too bad you can't see much of what is going on behind the fence. It could be quite interesting.


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