Friday, September 16, 2022

Spring and Summer Sketchwaiting


4/29/22 a parking lot

I keep a folder of little sketches I’ve made while waiting for someone who’s meeting me or for other things to happen. When a few have accumulated, I post the sketches together. I looked in my sketchwaiting folder the other day, and I realized I still had images in there from spring! A sketchwaiting catch-up is long overdue.

Made in a variety of places and under various circumstances, their only consistent theme is waiting. Most sketches took five minutes or less, but a few took quite a bit longer (the two with umbrella’d tables and the potted plant). When sketchwaiting, I tend to keep going with a single sketch, filling whatever time is available with more details. Waiting in this way is always enjoyable and never annoying, and the result was 10 sketches I otherwise wouldn’t have made. An added benefit is that I’m usually forced to stay within a limited area, which challenges me to find something to sketch that I might not otherwise consider.

6/30/22 Thornton Place
If my time was pleasantly occupied, does it even count as waiting? Maybe sketchwaiting is just the thing that happens in a spot of time between two other spots of time.

5/19/22 Costco

7/1/22 Volunteer Park

7/19/22 University Village

7/20/22 Green Lake

8/9/22 McMenamins Anderson School light fixture

8/24/22 Green Lake

8/30/22 Gas Works Park

9/2/22 Arboretum

9/14/22 Green Lake (This sketch was the last page of my first filled 
Uglybook since I began using them in late July. The colored pages motivate
me to keep filling 'em up!)


  1. Great idea to accumulate these for a group post. I'm always too lazy to scan my small sketches so they never (rarely) get posted.

    1. I don't scan all of my small sketches, either. Sometimes I like the immediacy or spontaneity of showing the "trophy" shots instead of scans!

  2. It is a good idea to have a book for your sketchwaiting. There are always those few minutes here and there that can be used for sketching.


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