Thursday, September 22, 2022

Summer Skyscapitos


Summer was not the best season for my skyscapitos. Sunrises were too early for me, and sunsets were so late that I was distracted by evening activities. Now that the days are getting shorter again, though, I hope to sketch more notable skies.

Before fall comes, I thought I’d catch up on the few skyscapitos I did manage to capture recently. The most exciting was the supermoon on Aug. 11, the last of the year. Although I knew it was coming, I wasn’t prepared to sketch it when I suddenly saw it rising – huge and orange in the deep blue sky. I knew instantly what I needed to run and get, though: my Uglybook containing dark blue paper! I didn’t think I’d use it until this winter for nocturnes, so I was delighted to have it handy.

More disturbing than exciting was the sunset I caught on Sept. 11. I sketched it a little too early; if I’d waited longer, it would have had more brilliant purples, oranges and pinks. It was the type of spectacular sunset we are treated to only at the end of a smoke-filled day, which makes me shake my head at its terribly ironic beauty.

8/18/22 sunset and 8/30/22 sunrise


  1. I missed most of the sunrises and sunsets this summer...well, all the sunrises anyway. lol I like the one of the supermoon on the dark blue paper and the one of the sky after a smoky day. I remember being in Sedona around the time there were wildfires burning in the west, and the sunsets were outstanding.

    1. On smoky days, a gorgeous sunset is the only benefit!


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