Thursday, September 15, 2022



9/8/22 Ester at Gas Works Park

The weekly outdoor life-drawing sessions at Gas Works Park are winding down. After September, the group will return to their indoor studio space until next spring.

I’ve been feeling ambivalent about it. On the one hand, I get tired of the single long poses intended for this portrait painters group; that’s one reason I’ve skipped the last couple of sessions. On the other hand, I have very much enjoyed sketching outdoors with the group and certainly appreciate that the members offer the sessions. I’m going to miss them, even if the pose length isn’t my preference. Knowing I won’t have the opportunity much longer, I went last week to draw our model Ester.

I haven’t decided whether to return to Gage Academy in the fall for the short-pose life-drawing sessions that I really enjoy. I haven’t done any indoor life drawing since the Before Times, and I miss it dearly. Maybe it’s time to weigh the risk and decide that the joy and benefits of life drawing are worth taking that risk.


  1. These are really nice! Of course, the artists make me smile. Do they do the indoor life drawing with masks on? It is strange to see people maskless in so many places.

    1. Thanks, Joan! We don't have mask mandates anymore, so it's up to organizations to set their own mandates if they want to. I'm seeing fewer and fewer masks now, too.

  2. Really nice drawings, Tina. Wish I had life drawing and the Gage in my neighborhood :-)


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