Sunday, September 12, 2021

Morgan at Gas Works


9/9/21 Morgan (about 15 and 4 minutes)

The plein air painters and I were treated to yet another fabulous morning at Gas Works Park, where model Morgan dressed as a colorful rollerskater. (Bonus for Morgan: She got to skate around the park during her breaks!) Although I usually walk around the model’s single long pose and try various angles, this time I liked her foreshortened leg from the first angle I chose well enough that I stayed there through a few sittings.

About 20 minutes

About 20 minutes

During one of Morgan’s breaks, I faced some of the gas works partially covered with ivy and other plants. With a soft ArtGraf carbon pencil, details are not possible, so the strange gas works take on intriguing abstract shapes. They are so much fun to sketch!

Gas works

My favorite sketch of the morning was this one of Steve, whose strong painting stance was, by that point, more interesting than the model.

Steve painting Morgan (20 minutes)

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  1. Love his stance! Great sketches of the model especially the trio of her in the same pose on the wall.


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