Saturday, September 4, 2021

Sweet Alchemy


9/1/21 Sweet Alchemy at 43rd and University

A few weeks ago when I wandered through the U-District, I was delighted to see that Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery was still there. Warm that day, I couldn't sketch my ice cream before it melted. I brought Natalie with me this time on a slightly cooler afternoon – cool enough, anyway, that I could quickly sketch enough of my ice cream to finish from memory. I was a bit torn about the flavors I chose – Capitol Coffee and Dark Side – because other flavors like the ones she chose would have been more colorful. But my tongue won out over my esthetic sensibility.

It was sunny and pleasant while we sketched, but that morning I had awakened to our furnace turning on – it was 49 degrees outside! Every day, I see more signs of fall.


  1. That's a yummy sketching opportunity. Glad you were able to sketch it this time.

    1. Now that it's getting cooler, maybe I'll have another opportunity! ;-)


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