Thursday, September 2, 2021

Last Call for Peaches


8/30/21 Wedgwood neighborhood Metropolitan Market

Metropolitan Market always has the best peaches in town. During its annual Peach-o-Rama promotion, it’s a big deal to see how high the sugar content is on the “sucrometer.” “Our peach experts check the peaches daily to make sure we offer only the ripest peaches, bursting with sweetness. The higher the brix score, the more flavorful, aromatic, and sweet the peach.” The daily brix score is posted next to the peach display. Maybe it’s just marketing, but I don’t care – they really are the best.

In the Before-Vax Times, we didn’t shop at Metro Market at all, and we sorely missed Peach-o-Rama last year. We certainly made up for it this summer, though, and the peaches have been as good as ever.

Knowing that peach season would end soon, I was happy to still get some when I stopped in on Monday, but I was told it was probably the last week for Peach-o-Rama. The maples in the parking lot (which are on my annual leaf-peeping tour), already with more color than I expected, seemed to confirm that summer was over.

Technical note: In yesterday’s post, I talked about how I was nervous about putting my primary triad hues together for the darkest value, so I used black instead. For this sketch, I wanted the store interior under the awning to be as dark as possible without the bright hues overpowering the trees. Using only cyan and magenta worked OK, and avoiding water activation helped to keep the hues subdued. I’d like to get the tone darker, though.

This triad is going to be fun to use during my leaf-peeping tour this year! It’s a bit challenging to mix the right balance of cyan and yellow, but I love the cohesiveness of the simple palette.


  1. I love the simplicity of your palette and how it can be used for a wide variety of subjects. I also have to say how much I enjoy the stories that go along with your sketches!

    1. Thank you for your comments, Cathy! I enjoy writing almost as much as I enjoy sketching, so I'm happy to hear that you like my stories!

  2. Great thinking to do the interior under the awning without activating the color with water worked great. It is dark without overpowering the sketch. I think our stores need a sucrometer. The peaches I had this summer were disappointing.


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