Thursday, February 4, 2021

Gen Z


2/2/21 Tara, 15-min. pose

Life Drawing + featured an unusual theme this week: “Gen Z.” Colloquially referred to as Zoomers, people within Generation Z were born between about 1997 and 2015 with the internet and social media at their infant fingertips. Model Tara, who is part of Gen Z, presented a narrative of poses depicting (or perhaps parodying) the Gen Z lifestyle.

After the fantastic Chiaroscuro-themed session during which model Adam had beautiful lighting for all his athletic poses, this one was something of a letdown. I would have preferred less attention to the self-absorbed props and simply better lighting. I did have some fun, though, with the unavoidable distorted proportions that occur on video. I suppose that says as much about the Zoom generation as anything.

5- and 2-min. poses

10- and 15-min. poses

15-min. poses

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