Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Zoka Coffee


2/5/21 Zoka Coffee, Green Lake neighborhood
After dropping off a library book in the Green Lake neighborhood last week, it was almost as if I were in a driverless car: Inexplicably, I found myself on the all-too-familiar route to Zoka Coffee. Ever since my first months of sketching, Zoka was where I worked on my people-sketching chops through all the cold, rainy months. I haven’t been inside in more than a year. I miss it dearly. Wistfully, I parked across the street to draw it from the outside. (Ironically, despite the many, many times I have sketched its interior, this was the first time I sketched its exterior.)

I was happy to see that Zoka was open. Now that cafes and restaurants are allowed to serve indoors at 25 percent capacity, I hope it will do OK until we all make it to the other side. I will be there.

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