Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Winter Doldrums


1/28/21 After I had started this sketch in ballpoint, it began drizzling.
Pencil component to the rescue! Graphite draws even on wet Field Notes
 Expedition pages. The Bic 4-Color 3+1 is handy. 
These are the doldrums of winter. We don’t get much snow in these parts, but it’s cold and wet most days. Still so much darkness in the morning and late afternoon. Spring is a distant promise we cling to without evidence.

Unless the rain is ridiculous, we still take walks most days, though sometimes the drizzle is unpleasant. Without gyms or Jazzercise, it’s our only form of fitness. When I initially devised the walk/sketch fitness program for myself months before COVID raised its ugly head, I had no idea how well it would serve me. Back then, I thought it would be a supplement to my indoor workouts; who knew that it would eventually be the only workout?

When I’m having a hard time getting off my chair and out the door, I promise myself a sketch. It always works.



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