Thursday, February 11, 2021

Calisthenics on Paper


2/6/21 Shawna, "tour guide," 1-min. poses

Shawna always makes it fun and interesting for those who draw her. For last Saturday’s ultra-short pose session on Zoom, she again used an improv acting tool to help her create narrative themes for her 30-second to three-minute poses. Pulling a prompt randomly for each set, she was an Olympic athlete, a tour guide, a woman looking for lost keys and a monkey!

"monkey," 3-min. poses

For these lightning-fast poses, my approach is the same for all durations – I look for the line of action and draw the shaded side. The only differences for the varying pose durations are that I can use a waterbrush for a quick swipe of shading or use a slower medium (such as water-soluble pencil instead of ink) when I have more time.

"looking for lost keys," 2-min. poses

These life-drawing sessions are like doing calisthenics on paper, and it feels good to work up a sweat!

"track and field," 30-second poses

"tour guide," 1-min. poses

"lost keys," 2-min. poses

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  1. These are really nice and some are really calliographic (is that a word?). lol


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