Sunday, February 7, 2021



This week was a mixed bag of media and styles that reflects my restlessness about this series. I want it to end. I’m tired of it – just like I’m tired of the pandemic and impatient about being vaccinated. I’m trying hard to take the altruistic high road – I realize that it doesn’t matter who gets vaccinated; what matters is that as many people as possible are vaccinated as quickly as possible, because then we are all safer.  

Then I read reports about ineligible people lying and cutting ahead of the more vulnerable by working the system with technical savvy, hospital board members “invited” to receive vaccine privileges, and, least surprising, racial and ethnic inequity in vaccine distribution – and I seethe with resentment and disdain. But then I remind myself that I, too, am among the privileged: I have easy access to technology, and I don’t work or have other needs to expose myself to risk. I can wait.

So I go back to sitting on my hands. Or rather, I draw one.

I ended my brief series of experiments with blind
contours with this one -- a blind contour shaded 
traditionally. Not bad, except for the missing finger!

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