Saturday, December 5, 2020

Raven Mandella

12/1/20 Raven Mandella, 15-min. pose

As I did last week, I attended a life-drawing session on Zoom sponsored by Life Drawing+. With model Mother Queen Raven Mandella, this was the first in a series to feature models from the LGBT community. In addition to being an artist and DJ in the UK, Raven is a political activist for Black Lives Matter and especially transgender black women.

Dressed in a variety of colorful costumes and enviable accessories, Raven had breasts in some poses and not in others. To add to the effect, music from Raven’s playlist was shared on a moderator’s audio as we drew, and it was obvious that Raven could hardly keep him/herself from dancing!

The fun was well worth the €8.50 ticket price. I’m going back for more!

20-min. pose

10- and 15-min. poses

2-min. poses

5-min. pose

5-min. pose

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