Tuesday, December 29, 2020



12/23/20 Maple Leaf neighborhood

When I was a kid, snow was a huge deal. Even a couple of inches could shut down the whole Seattle area, and certainly school. Yay! Snow day! Before the first inch had accumulated, I would be out there building my snowman. Often, the first inch was all we got, so the snowman would be partly grass and mud. Still, it was a day off from school, and in a day or two, it was back to the usual rain.

We got our inch or so last week, and by the next morning, it was gone, but the temps stayed in the 30s for several days. Walking in the neighborhood, I spotted this stalwart fellow (at left), grassy and listing but still on duty, the lawn around him completely clear. Snowmen in Seattle have a hard time maintaining their dignity.

The next day, I saw another (below). This one had better posture, but unfortunately, he had no common scents (anymore).


Tina and her snowman, circa early '60s


  1. Great that you found some snowmen. I didn't see any that were built after we had our snow this time. I always loved watching the snow come down from my bedroom window and knowing I didn't have to go to school. Cute photo of you!

    1. I remember that, too -- staring up into the falling flakes and feeling like I was shooting into space!

  2. Great photo Tina! I’m just glad we are going to get some rain!

    1. I'm happy to hear you will get some much-needed rain! You can have some of ours anytime. ;-)


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