Saturday, December 26, 2020

Eri and Vanessa

12/22/20 Vanessa and Eri, 20-min. pose

The last session in Life Drawing Plus’s series of LGBT models featured Eri and Vanessa, an Oakland couple. Vanessa leads a project to help women Reclaim Ugly, not by rejecting beauty but by rejecting beauty standards.

I couldn’t stay for the whole session this time, so I missed the discussion (and holiday party to raise funds for the Black Trans Foundation that followed the life drawing), but I imagine it was informative and illuminating, as all the discussions from this series have been.

Two things struck me as I drew Vanessa and Eri: One was that their proportions were very different from most life drawing models I have sketched, so I had to discard my usual guidelines for whatever is “average.” Once I did, it was easier to abstract what I was seeing into shapes and shadows. Secondly, I was moved by the tenderness and love they expressed for each other in their poses. I hope I captured their beauty and affection.

15-min. pose

15-min. pose

2-min. poses


  1. These are great! The top one is my favorite. It made me smile to see the looks of tenderness on their faces.

    1. I'm happy that you saw what I was trying to capture!


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