Sunday, December 27, 2020

Jumping Around


Prismacolor Art Stix

I jumped around among dry materials, ballpoint and even fountain pen ink with a brush this week. While the change-up gives me an interesting jolt each time, it’s less productive as a practice. I think I learn more when I stick with one medium or approach for a while. I already know this, of course, from my years of being fickle with sketch materials in the field, but it’s a lesson I must learn repeatedly.

Nonetheless, having to mentally pivot from the slow build-up of pencil or ballpoint to the fast, broad strokes of a brush is a different kind of workout. My Jazzercise instructors always used to talk about the importance of changing workout routines regularly so that muscles don’t get accustomed to the same movements, which causes the workout to become less effective. Maybe it’s the same with drawing.

Art Stix

Art Stix, Derwent drawing pencil

Art Stix, Prismacolor

Bic ballpoint, Gelly Roll

Bic ballpoint, Gelly Roll

Diamine Sargasso Sea ink, Prismacolor


  1. I'm liking the spoon as a prop for these sketches. It is interesting to see a group of these sketches together and compare the effect you get with the different materials.

  2. From this grouping, I say you've a better mastery using the Bic ballpoint and Gelly Roll pen. It's a good exercise alright to change things up a bit.


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