Monday, December 28, 2020

A Zoom Christmas


12/25/20 The Koyamas' Christmas gathering

Like many families this year, our Christmas visit with my family was on Zoom. I’m sure the need for virtual visits was hard on many families whose tradition is to have large gatherings at a central location. My family, however, living on both coasts, has never gathered for Christmas; instead, we usually get together in the summer when we can do things outdoors. Having gathered on Zoom for a birthday, a memorial service, a 50th wedding anniversary, and now Christmas, it’s ironic that I’ve (virtually) seen my family more often this year than usual. It wasn’t the same as really seeing them, of course, but during a time when I’ve come to appreciate family and friends more than ever, it was wonderful to be able to connect this way. We were all there, healthy and happy. This year, that’s more than many families can say.  


  1. I usually just either have Christmas dinner at Jerry's cousin's house locally or we head up to Maine to visit my sister. We all touch base with each other during the day by phone but nobody seemed interested in Zooming. Luckily everyone is healthy and doing well...we're just apart for now. Glad your family got together this way.

    1. I hope it's the last time families need to stay apart (unless they want to) for the holidays!


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