Friday, December 25, 2020

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Gloom of Night


12/21/20 Maple Leaf neighborhood

Our poor postal service has been more burdened this holiday season than usual. Mail has been backed up at distribution centers for weeks, and my social media feeds are filled with complaints about delivery delays. I feel bad for postal workers; under COVID restraints and with many other issues, they are still doing the best they can.

The solstice was not only the darkest day of the year; it was also wet, windy and eventually snowy. Staying warm and dry, I sketched this mail truck through my rain-drenched windshield. As I was finishing up, the mail carrier appeared and opened the hatch: It was packed to the brim with Amazon packages. Thank you, postal workers, for all you have delivered to me and for me this year when I have needed your services more than ever.

Best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas from Weather Bunny
and her family (and me)!


  1. With all the extra mail and packages I am impressed that most of my mail has gone through and been delivered on time. We all owe them a debt of gratitude. Nice sketch of the truck and I love the Zoom meeting sketch of weather bunny. Hope you had a great and Merry Christmas!

    1. I have not had a single piece of mail lost, ever... everything makes it through eventually! Thank you -- we had a terrific Christmas! I hope you did, too!


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