Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Birds, Leisurely and Not

11/25/20 flicker on our feeder

Our feeders have been getting a lot of action the past month or so as it’s gotten colder. Mobs of bushtits and finches arrive on their respective tour buses, unload for a quick lunch, then disappear just as quickly. Flickers, on the other hand, arrive solo or in pairs (a couple have a nest nearby), and sometimes they even watch out for each other: One dines while the other stands guard on a fence. For this sketch, I started in the morning with the female of the pair to get the basic gesture until she flew off. Then in the afternoon of the same day, her colorful mate showed up, so I filled in the details. Digging for goodies from the suet block, they both took their leisurely time fattening up, enabling me to get this much of a sketch.

A couple days later on my neighborhood walk, I spotted a hummer perched on the very end of a slender branch. I wouldn’t have noticed it except I heard its buzzy sound overhead. Unlike the leisurely flickers, the hummer took off about 15 seconds later, but it was enough to capture this much.

11/27/20 hummingbird


  1. I love the minimalist hummer, Tina. (tony m)

  2. Both are nicely done. I never sketch birds (except at the beach). They don't seem to stay put long enough for me.

  3. I 'd love to see how you make your own sketchbooks. More about how you choose your colored sketch papers. Your blog just rivets me! I'm also so sorry about Toni who you wrote about, the issues in the midwest where I live now is that when folks are living rurally, they don't use masks consistently or even AT ALL! I do, of course, but I'm horrified that so many disdain mask use! (I sew so I hurried up and made masks of various styles for my family and friends, and there were some folks who wanted to pay me, it was nice but I'd rather draw and paint. ) In city of Madison, folks are conscientious about mask use, well it was Governor's orders, and most stores insist on their u se in order to enter. Anyway I'll keep scrolling through your entries and see if you show how you make your sketchbooks. Thanks for your blog and steady interesting posts! -Marcia


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