Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Like Breathing

11/30/20 chimney maintenance

Most of my urban sketches the past few weeks have been small, quick ones made during my neighborhood walks. Knowing that I have walked these same four-by-ten blocks nearly every day for the past nine months, you’d think I’d run out things to sketch, and some days, I do feel that way. In yoga class, I am reminded that every breath I take is essential nourishment for my body (and breathing easily and freely is not something to take for granted; ask anyone who has suffered from COVID-19). I try to look at my walks the same way: Every sketch nourishes my soul in some small but essential way.

Every sketch is still worth making.

12/11/20 Tree being taken down

12/17/20 A pair of crows we've observed twice on 
the same wire, cooing and preening together.

After sketching from the middle of the street
(the crane was blocking the street, so I was
safe), I tried to grab a trophy shot, but the rig
was barreling toward me too fast. The 
driver waved and smiled as he passed.

12/17/20 I had missed all the action by the
time I got there... they were already taking
the crane down. I saw later that they had 
delivered a new utility pole.

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