Thursday, April 25, 2024

Walk Comics


4/16/24 Mostly sketches made on location during my walk to Northgate, this page spread also includes an imaginary bit at upper left and the purpose of my trip to the optician. I use the FitBit footprint icon the number of steps I clocked, and the number of "active" walking that day to signify that this comic spread represents a walk I took. It is my diary, after all, where I have always tracked health and fitness goals.

Since even before the pandemic, sketching has been a regular part of my daily fitness-walking routine whenever weather permits (and sometimes when it doesn’t). In fact, the potential for a sketch has always been the carrot at the end of my exercise stick.

My sketch subjects haven’t changed – they’re still the mundane bits I find along my walking route. The difference now since I discovered the comic format for urban sketching is that the same sketches have context.

4/17/24 Maple Leaf and Green Lake neighborhoods. It's fun to mix different line widths available with a Flair Dual pen. I'll be reviewing it soon.

Instead of floating singularly on the page, the small sketches are linked by the story of my walk that day. Although it’s not exactly a narrative with a story arc, it shows how, within walking distance, one neighborhood can include both a luxury convertible Porsche and a tent for a homeless individual. Or maybe the story is nothing more than a typical Thursday morning in Maple Leaf when trash is collected and squirrels run by.

4/18/24 Maple Leaf neighborhood

4/20/24 Maple Leaf neighborhood


  1. These spreads are inspirational! I especially like your shadow shape against the rainy window. And the crow and bunny. Gotta try this! Anne

  2. I like these pages and reading your narrative. Looks like a lot of bunny sightings!


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