Saturday, April 13, 2024

Plenty of Pink Left


4/11/24 Maple Leaf neighborhood

On my return flight from Dallas, I wondered what the flowering trees would look like at home. I saw that Seattle had gotten rain and wind while I was gone – would there be any pink left for me to sketch?

Happily, I found that there was still plenty: The Kwanzan cherry trees are just hitting their stride. I found this pair on my walk – both rather inelegantly pruned with awkward stumps on one side.


  1. I'm glad there was plenty of pink left for you. I like the color variation! I went out walking this morning and a lot of the star magnolias in my development are nearly bare from the strong wind and rain we've had lately. The cherry trees seem to have handled it better.

    1. I hope you still have a little more pink to sketch in your neck of the woods! We're getting toward the end of our season, but the Kwanzans are going out in style!


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