Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Maple Leaf’s Most Iconic Intersection


4/18/24 The intersection of 88th NE and Roosevelt Way NE, Maple Leaf

Cloud City Coffee was the site of some of my earliest urban sketches, and I’ve sketched there many times since. On a fabulous afternoon last week – it was 62 degrees and sky the couldn’t have been bluer – I noticed that the shop had gotten several new outdoor tables. After its recent remodel that includes a new tented area, the new tables are no longer blocked by parked cars, so I had a better view.

A fresh Uglybook cracked open! I filled the last one in less than 2 weeks!
Behind Cloud City’s iconic sign is an even bigger icon: Maple Leaf’s beloved water tower (also one of my earliest urban sketches). I made a page of small sketches celebrating spring’s arrival (officially recognized as whenever I have my first iced latte al fresco) and possibly Maple Leaf’s most iconic intersection.

Technical note: Although it probably doesn’t look like a comic, I consider this a comic-y diary because I made a more conscious effort to tell a story about this intersection, not just make random sketches of whatever I see. Does it help to seem more comic-y to include commentary as I did? Maybe in a traditional comic, a character (or persona of the author) would be making those comments in voice bubbles, but I also know that some comic artists write text as captions. Super excited about this new format for my urban sketches, I’m having fun trying out different things to make it my own.


  1. For better or worse your recent 'comic-y' presentations strike me as being more about narrative and less about images. I have no strong preference, and continue to appreciate and be grateful for your daily creations — sketches/commentary/journal/diary/stories/whatevers. Whatever you may intend, something touches me. (I am increasingly convinced that the artist and the audience both play an essential creative role in any work or art.) I think your work is important.

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I have always been very much driven by the process of my art-making and not the product. Obviously, I'm happier when a sketch comes out well, but as long as I learn from it, that's what really matters to me. I appreciate your comments!

  2. Your enthusiasm for this "new" type of sketching is coming through in your posts. You have definitely found your niche!


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