Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Comic Diaries with Roy


4/17/24 The panel at upper left was imaginary. The rest of the page spread was sketched on location at Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. 

My friend Roy has become a comic diary afficionado as I have. We met at Third Place Commons last week to talk about the process, exchange ideas and, of course, make comic pages. Fans of comic artist and urban sketcher Drewscape, we were both taken with his video about “real-time” autobiographical comics. It’s really no different from the kind of urban sketching Roy and I always do, but framing the practice with a comic approach gives context and “story” to drawing whatever we happen to see or experience.

I really admire and aspire to Roy’s sequential narrative and strong graphic appearance. Learning from him, I’m trying to apply more solid blacks to backgrounds, which adds to the comic book look and serves as a compositional tool to aid the viewer’s eye. You’ll see more of my attempts in tomorrow’s post.

Look how comic-booky Roy's page spread looks! I aspire to that -- or my own version of that.


  1. I noticed Lynda Barry emphasized black backgrounds. She also said you would go through a lot of Flair pens in doing that. What are you and Roy using for your black backgrounds? Brushpens? Felt tip markers? Is there a refillable option?

    1. I have been using the brush end of Dual Flairs, but I am getting tired of the bleed-through. Now I'm exploring other brush pens that will do the job better and faster. Refillable would be ideal, but options are few. Details at 11. ;-) I think Roy is using a brush pen, but I'll ask him!

    2. Roy is using the same Pentel Pocket Brush Pen that I use!

    3. Ah Ha! I forget about my Pentel Pocket brush pens. They live in the sketch bags that wait by the back door. That is better than the Flairs, I think. Depending on which ink is used. Anne

  2. You are developing quite a style there. I like Roy's page too.


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