Sunday, October 30, 2022

Street of Color


10/27/22 Bryant neighborhood

The “atmospheric river” that the media had been warning us about was preceded by high winds last Thursday. I knew that many trees would be bare by the time all the wind and rain stopped, so I needed to get out there pronto if I wanted any more leaves to peep. The temperature was mild enough by afternoon that I could have stood on the sidewalk to sketch this brilliant street of color, but I stayed in my car against the strong gusts.

Later that afternoon, I took a walk through the ‘hood and counted no less than 13 empty trash cans that had blown over! I wish my FitBit would give me extra credit for walking against the wind – it’s quite a workout!

Trash can down!


  1. Looks like the trees were really blowing in the wind. I don't think we've ever encountered that weather jargon here. Maybe we call it something different.

    1. Apparently "atmospheric river" is not just media jargon -- it's a real weather term! Maybe we're just more into the weather terms here when they include rain! ;-)


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