Sunday, May 1, 2022



Scissors loves bubblegum but misses the old-school kind that came with a corny comic.

Last week in my imagination series, I introduced another new character, Scissors. Now Faucet Handle and Soap Dispenser have another friend to interact with, which gives me more material to work with. I’m finding that the ideas come relatively easily compared to the drawing. I will sometimes reject ideas that I like because I simply don’t know how to draw them. It sometimes helps to look at images online (like the trumpet), but it’s still not the same as drawing from life because I have to create an angle or context that makes sense (and is drawable with my still-limited imaginary vocabulary).

The Manhattan is not her favorite cocktail, but Scissors likes
to show off that she can tie the maraschino stem into a knot.
I usually start the day with my 100 Day Project drawing, and later in the day I’ll do a sketch from life. It’s always such a welcome relief to draw from observation compared to using my mind! I’m on the home stretch now, though . . . only 24 days left!

It's been a long time since her high school band days, but Scissors
has received a request, so she's trying to get her chops back.

Meanwhile, Faucet Handle has been trying on hats at vintage
clothing shops. She envisions herself as Lauren Bacall.

Faucet Handle asked if her new Jackie-style pillbox made her look fat.
Scissors kept her mouth shut.

Faucet Handle has encouraged Soap Dispenser to try yoga to
improve balance and flexibility. Soap Dispenser needs to work on
flexibility, but he has nailed balance!

Some people pop bubble wrap to relieve stress. Scissors shreds Lands End catalogs.


  1. These characters are adorable! Are they in syndication yet?

    1. Oh no, I hope not... my brain is too tired to do these in syndication! ;-) (It's me -- Tina. My own blog won't let me comment. :-( )

  2. These are really so cute! I can imagine getting the idea but figuring out how to show it is another thing. Well done!


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