Friday, February 11, 2022

Urban Chickens


2/8/22 Greenwood neighborhood

Every now and then I’ll encounter urban chickens on my walks. Usually, though, I can only hear them in the distance. Occasionally I pass a certain house that keeps chickens, but they are usually pecking around on the far end of the yard – too far to see them well.

I recently got a hot tip from a friend who had spotted some chickens that were easily visible from the sidewalk. On a comfortable afternoon, I headed over to the Greenwood neighborhood, where about a half-dozen chickens were fenced above street level but easy to see. They were obviously well kept, curious, and with colorful feathers. The one at upper left had a distinctive shape to her face.

Nearby was a coin-op dispenser of pellets. I could tell by the way they reacted when I approached that they knew that a human looking at them might mean food. It made them easy to sketch – they kept their heads up watching me the whole time. Just like I always tip buskers after I’ve sketched them, my intention was to feed the chickens afterwards, but I didn’t have any coins (I hardly carry cash, period)! Sorry, chickens – I’ll come by another time with coins.

1 comment:

  1. What a fun find!!! I haven't seen any chickens around here, although our arboretum has a farm area and they have chickens there. I haven't checked them out in a while.


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