Saturday, February 26, 2022



2/16/22 I-5 and downtown Seattle from Maple Leaf

After a cloudy morning that looked like it could go either way, the sun won. I didn’t care what or where I sketched – I just followed my nose out the door. Walking only a few blocks, I came to a spot I pass frequently by car but don’t often stop for on foot. From this corner, I can see Interstate 5 snaking away toward downtown Seattle on the horizon. Lots of houses, trees and cars cluttered the foreground view, but I decided to ignore most of that. I don’t often have this impression of I-5, but surrounded by dark trees, the freeway looked kind of pretty, shining in the afternoon light.


  1. I like the different look with the highway showing thru the trees and foliage. Nice work!! Thanks for your Chrome suggestion way back. I was anticipating having to do a new blog when I remembered and gave Chrome a try.

    1. Glad Chrome is working out for you! Sometimes it gives me problems, though! :-(


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