Saturday, February 12, 2022

Takeout Only


2/9/22 Roosevelt Square

After weeks and weeks of temps in the 30s and low 40s, it’s finally getting into the temperature zone where I can sketch comfortably outdoors without a down jacket and gloves. What a treat! It was time for al fresco coffee.

Notice anything new? Stay tuned. ;-) 

With its large patio and easy parking, the Roosevelt Square Starbucks has always been a favorite. The last time I tried to sketch there was summer of 2020,
but to my relief, I couldn’t (I wasn’t really ready to, but I wanted to try). On Wednesday I headed over there feeling optimistic; surely the umbrella’d tables would be out, especially since so many cafes have increased outdoor seating. To my surprise and disappointment, the patio was empty of tables. Inside, it was just as empty: I was told that this Starbucks would be takeout only for the foreseeable future.

No matter – I knew that the courtyard also had a few benches, and one was even occupied by a man working on his laptop (he must miss the tables, too). My people-sketching chops are rusty, but it felt good to be café sketching again (as it were).


  1. Can't see any rustiness in this! I find it strange to go into a Starbucks and have all this open space. I've been to two of them. One has a few tables outside and the other has three tables inside. There is enough space to do ballroom dancing inside. lol I guess things will slowly go back to normal.


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