Saturday, January 22, 2022

Blindingly Fun


1/18/22 Ching, Tina and Natalie

While chatting with friends on Zoom the past two years, I’ve sketched a variety of subject matter. Easiest is a small still life like a pastry on my desk. I recently tried sketching the view through a window while online with USk Seattle. Most commonly, I sketch the people I’m chatting with – whether they know it or not. That’s probably the most challenging, though I thoroughly enjoy it. They’re all fun in different ways.

Last week when I Zoomed with Kate and Roy, I tried blind contours, and that’s possibly the most fun of all – and the results are always amusing. This week I made blind contours of Ching and Natalie. Perhaps I’m starting my Picasso phase.

If you socialize on Zoom, I highly recommend making blind contours! In fact, I recommend it even in a business meeting on Zoom. I guarantee that the meeting will be more fun that way, at least for you (sharing results with business colleagues not recommended 😉).

1 comment:

  1. Blind contours are always fun and I love your addition of the bright colors behind the victims.


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