Saturday, January 29, 2022

What Could Be More Important than Pencils?


1/23/22 Maple Leaf neighborhood, Seattle

As you know, I enjoy drawing fog. Happily, I get plenty of opportunities here in winter.

My favorite material for fog is graphite, but last week I tried a black colored pencil, just to see what it would be like. Then I remembered that colored pencil doesn’t smudge nearly as much as graphite. The soft, blurry effect was lost to my visible pencil marks on the subtle paper texture.

On this morning, I went back to graphite. As much attention as I give to my pencils, the most important tool for fog was the blending stump. The eraser was important, too – the chimney’s brickwork.


  1. The stump does come in handy. I need to get a good eraser that will stay clean in my pouch. I'll have to check out what you're using.

    1. This Tombow Mono Zero is perfect because you can retract the eraser back into the barrel to keep it clean!


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