Sunday, January 16, 2022

Sketchwalk, Literally


1/12/22 Maple Leaf Park

After weeks of near-freezing temperatures, precipitation of various types and high winds, last Wednesday was a well-deserved treat: My weather app got up to 56 degrees! While not exactly sunny, it still felt wonderful to walk a few laps around Maple Leaf Park without gloves.

As I looked around for something to stop and sketch, it suddenly occurred to me: Why stop? Why not sketch while we walk? It wouldn’t be the first time. Five years ago when I took part in Seattle’s Women’s March, I was well-prepared with easily portable sketch gear, though I wasn’t sure how or whether I would be able to sketch during the event. It turned out that 130,000 people walking together are not especially brisk, so it was easy to sketch as I marched.

I guess I still have the chops to take the term “sketchwalk” literally.

1/14/22 Maple Leaf Park


  1. Check out this life jacket! It's got s fold out pocket which can potentially be a sketchbook holder 🤣Onyx Kayak Fishing Life Jacket

    1. Ching, I'm way ahead of you! ;-) When I first started sketching, I actually wore this vest for a while! Until my inner fashionista protested. HAA-HA-HA!!


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