Friday, January 21, 2022

Like Snow, But Better


1/17/22 Foggy in Maple Leaf

Fog is like snow: It completely changes the way I see ordinary views. With nothing but tones and values, and most details hidden, drawing those ordinary views feels fresh again.

We often get morning fog this time of year, and I enjoy the way it teaches me how far away familiar things are. Even during the half-hour or so that I sketched this, distant trees came in and out of view as the fog’s density changed constantly.

The best thing about fog, though, is that I know how to drive in it, and shoveling is not required.


  1. Fog is fun to sketch. I once took a painting workshop by the harbor in Camden, Maine. One minute we could see the boats...and then we couldn't. That went on for the entire class. I wish I could remember his recipe for the color of fog. I know it was partly orange...

    1. That must have been interesting with watercolor! I wonder if the instructor had planned the workshop around predictable fog, or whether it was a last-minute change?


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