Monday, March 16, 2020

Heavy Load, Heavy Heart

3/11/20 Green Lake neighborhood

On Wednesday after Governor Inslee proclaimed a number of restrictions in three counties to control the spread of COVID-19, everything I enjoy doing or that were long-standing regular parts of my life suddenly stopped. The other USk admins and I immediately cancelled sketch outings. Within hours, Gage Academy (where I take classes and attend life drawing) and my favorite museums announced closures. My Jazzercise class soon followed. My yoga studio is still operating, but I decided to stop attending. The neighborhood food store where I occasionally shop announced it was closed because an employee had tested positively for COVID-19.

Washing hands compulsively, wiping down home surfaces with 91 percent isopropyl, hunkering down at home – that’s everyone’s life now.

It’s funny: I thoroughly enjoy staying home and have many interests that keep me busy here, not the least of which is drawing. And yet when I know I can’t come and go anymore without thinking about potential risks, it feels more like a cage. My cabin fever (though I guess I shouldn’t use the expression “fever”!) has been much worse than during those several days last year when we were snowbound.

3/12/20 Maple Leaf neighborhood
My sanity saver has been walks through the neighborhood and around Green Lake. As far as I know, there’s nothing unsafe about walking: I keep my hands to myself, everyone stays at a safe distance (I spotted a friend at the park, and we both waved but kept walking), and in the ‘hood, I rarely even see neighbors. It feels especially good to move, breathe fresh air, and have life affirmed by birds and budding trees. When it warms up a bit, it will be even easier to forget about this global disaster for the duration of a walk.

Luckily for me, there’s always a sketch wherever I go. Stay safe, everyone.

Technical note: It was sprinkling during both sketches. I don’t mind getting a little wet, but it’s annoying when pens stop working on wet paper. Maybe it’s time to get out my Field Notes Expedition again for these drizzly walks.


  1. It is funny how once we are told not to do something we have this desire to do it. lol Glad you are able to get out and walk and still sketch. This is nice! I've been out in my car and to drop off things for Jerry at the door of his rehab and then head out to sketch somewhere from the car. For the most part I don't even get out of the car. I am also compulsively washing. I don't have hand sanitizer to take with me, but I do have a big container of Lysol wipes that are coming in very handy lately.

    1. Lately it's been sunny here, so it's been great to feel the sunshine! When the weather turns gray again, I'll be out in my mobile studio, too. I am still looking for some hand sanitizer, too! Maybe I need to barter some for TP! ;-)


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