Sunday, February 10, 2019

Snowmageddon Arrives

2/9/19 Through our kitchen window, Maple Leaf neighborhood

Snowmageddon delivered the promised several inches overnight. We woke Saturday morning to a thick, magical blanket and the pure silence that occurs only when it snows.

After the sun came up, I looked through every window to see what I could sketch without putting on my boots. I settled on this view from the kitchen – our neighbor’s tree and patio table and our bird feeder. Even the birds were smart enough to stay in bed. (A couple of chickadees did show up toward the end of my sketch.)

I’m very grateful that we didn’t lose power overnight as many homes in the area apparently did. I hope you’re warm and safe, wherever you are!

Out the front door. . . 

. . . and out the back door! I'm not putting my boots on -- yet. 

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