Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Boxy ‘80s

3/20/20 Wedgwood neighborhood

Driving around the Wedgwood neighborhood, determined to find a sketch, I was first attracted to the spindly tree. Then the car caught my eye. I don’t usually include many details of cars that happen to be in my windshield view, but I vaguely recognized the car from the boxy ‘80s era. Frankly, I think it (and most of that era) is ugly, but I’m also fondly nostalgic about that time, maybe because it’s when I got my first “real” job and bought my first new car (a 1983 Mazda GLC). I couldn’t find identifying marks on the car, but after posting the sketch on social media, a Facebook friend identified it as a 1988 Toyota MR2.

It was a heartbreakingly beautiful day.

1 comment:

  1. Blue skies and an old car...sounds like a song. Nice sketch of the car in it's surroundings.


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