Thursday, March 5, 2020

Demo and Sushi

2/29/20 Jenna Howell giving a demo at Daniel Smith.

Daniel Smith sponsored a demo by Jenna Roby on using watercolor pencils in creative ways. Primarily a watercolor painter, Jenna incorporates water-soluble colored pencils in her paintings to add texture and details. It was informative and illuminating to see how she uses pencils alongside paints in an almost interchangeable way.

After the demo and shopping (to use my Leap Day 29% off coupon – thanks, Dan!), Natalie and I stopped for lunch at Tengu Sushi. As is my usual mode of operation when I’m hungry and food is before me, I scarfed down most of my plate. Then Natalie pointed out how pretty my remaining sushi was with the asparagus tip pointing up and heart-shaped sprout leaves . . . how could I not sketch it now?

2/29/20 The remains of my lunch

Technical note: I’ve been filling a Stillman & Birn Epsilon the past several weeks because I’ve been using mostly dry pencil lately, so I knew the lighter paper weight would be fine. But I forgot about the paper’s opacity – or rather, a lack thereof. You can see the second sketch’s ghost through the first sketch. After it’s full, I’m going back to Zeta when I want a smooth surface.

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  1. That sounds like a great demo. You have so many demo opportunities out there....I'm jealous. I like your sushi sketch...I think I need to go have dinner now. :)


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