Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Notable Pencils: Apsara Dual Combo

Apsara Dual Combos -- mostly graphite, a little color!

As you know, a large part of this blog is about reviewing sketch materials I’ve used, for better or worse. In general, products I review are those I’ve used long enough to form an opinion about whether I (or anyone) would want to continue using them. 

What you might not know (but probably suspect!) is that I also own quite a few art products that were not necessarily purchased or acquired for use. I won’t call them “collectibles,” as that term has connotations of monetary value. Let’s just say they are “notable” for one reason or another. Now that I have so much additional time at home that I used to spend otherwise engaged, I thought I would occasionally bring out notables for your (and my) amusement. 

A friend in the UK who knows I have a thing for bicolor pencils sent me a set of Apsara Dual Combo pencils. Apsara, a brand name of the Indian pencil manufacturer Hindustan, makes excellent, inexpensive graphite pencils (for example, the Absolute Extra Strong is a reliable workhorse that I keep in my car). What’s notable about the Dual Combos is that they are mostly graphite until you get to the inch and a half of colored core on the opposite end!

“Write – flip – colour” says the pencil tagline. “Colour your thoughts” says the package. I’m not sure who the target audience is for these pencils – perhaps editors or teachers who write mostly with graphite but occasionally need a touch of color for underlining or marking? I don’t know, but I’m tickled that they exist.

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  1. These look fun! I'm used to seeing dual ones with color on both ends.


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