Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Tina’s Top 10 Memorable Sketches of 2019

2/2/19 Alaskan Way Viaduct

It’s time for another year-end tradition: A review of my most memorable sketches of the past 12 months. These aren’t necessarily my favorite or “best” sketches; they’re ones that evoke strong memories and feelings when I see them. After all, one of my primary motivations for sketching is to remember how I felt when I sketched. (Click the title of the sketch to read the original post.)

Here are links to my most memorable sketches from past years: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.

2/11/19 Snowpocalypse
Feb. 2, Farewell to the Alaskan Way Viaduct: Along with 100,000 other nostalgic (or curious) Seattleites, we bid farewell to the viaduct during an event that allowed pedestrians to walk its length for the first and only time.

Feb. 11, Snowpocalypse: Fighting cabin fever during many days of snow, I got some rare practice sketching the white stuff through every window.

3/16/19 Kite Hill

March 16, Kite Hill, Gas Works Park: After our record-breaking cold winter, it seemed like the whole city was out and about on this brilliant, sunny day.

June 30, Gas Works Park USk celebration: Although I’ve sketched at Gas Works Park many times, both alone and with Urban Sketchers Seattle, this sketch outing was extra-special: We celebrated our 10th anniversary of sketching together.
6/30/19 Gas Works Park USk celebration
7/1/19 cement mixer at my friends' house
July 1, driveway renovation: My friends in the Greenwood neighborhood invited me over to sketch the heavy equipment and activity around their driveway renovation project.

7/25/19 Amsterdam symposium

July 25, Amsterdam symposium thumbnails: There’s nothing special about these thumbnails I made in Norberto Dorantes’ workshop, but they evoke the beginning of the blistering, triple-digit heatwave we endured during the four days of the Amsterdam symposium. Sketching in that record-breaking heat was unforgettable.

July 30, Delft canal: A few days after the symposium, we wound down in quiet Delft, where I sat in tranquility to sketch a canal. As much as I adore graphite, I use it only when I know I can take my time. This sketch reminds me of how relaxing and comfortable it was after the intensity and heat of Amsterdam.
7/30/19 Delft
8/11/19 taiko concert
Aug. 11, taiko conference: In Portland for a family event, we got to attend a taiko conference, where the percussionists seemed to infuse my brush pen with their dynamic energy.

Aug. 27, Minnesota State Fair: Cows, chickens, sheep and the butter head sculptor I’d been wanting to catch for years – they were all mine to sketch at the Minnesota State Fair! Meeting up with Roz Stendahl and other Twin Cities Sketchers made the day even more fun.
8/27/19 Butter head sculptor, Minnesota State Fair

Oct. 17, Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur: The main reason this sketch is so memorable was the terrific high winds I had to battle for the duration. My mouth and shoes filled with sand, I was happy to be done!

10/17/19 Pfeiffer Beach


  1. I love seeing these sketches again and hearing your reasoning for each of them to be in your top ten. So many sketches bring back such strong memories!

    1. Yes, memories -- such an important reason for sketching!


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