Sunday, December 1, 2019


11/27/19 Green Lake neighborhood

Parking in the Green Lake neighborhood is scarce and competitive, especially on sunny days when people enjoy walking around the lake. When I got back to my car after a walk, the space in front of me was empty, so I had a clear view all the way down to the next block. I knew that space would not remain empty for long, so I pulled out my Field Notes notebook (I didn’t have my favorite red one; this is one I carry just for note-taking in my tiny fitness-walking bag) to see if I could capture the view before a car pulled in and blocked it. Five minutes later, a car pulled in – but not before I barely finished. Score! (I guess I’m a little competitive, too).

(If you’re wondering why I couldn’t just get out of the car to sketch on such a sunny day, it’s because the temperature was in the low 40s. I’m a wimp once it dips below 50.)


  1. Tina, I can easily understand why you stayed in the car to sketch. I do it too. Good that you were prepared and could sketch quickly before someone blocked your view. Nice!


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