Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Drawing Jam, Part 2: Not Models

12/7/19 Drawing Jam participants

My focus at Drawing Jam tends to be the costumed models because I don’t have regular opportunities for that elsewhere. But the event is so packed with participants that there’s no shortage of non-posing people, too – many of whom are nearly as still as models as they focus closely on whatever they are drawing.

Live music in every room puts the jammin’ in the Jam, and this year was no exception. Ask Sophie, a band of “traditional folk music, old-time country and rock 'n roll, with a punk rock sensibility,” was one of my favorites. They were hard to sketch, though, because participants drawing models often got in my way.
12/7/19 Ask Sophie

The percussionist in the center, however, had such an interesting beard that I sketched him a second time. He sits on a box with a hole cut into it and uses one hand to drum on its side. (He does have a second leg, but I couldn’t see it.)

12/7/19 Ask Sophie percussionist

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