Thursday, December 12, 2019


12/5/19 Green Lake neighborhood

This charming sectional sofa, missing one cushion, has been on the curb in the Green Lake neighborhood for nearly a week – and it has rained at least a few times since I first spotted it. I struggled into a tiny parking space across the street to sketch it. Halfway through my sketch, a truck pulled up right in front of the couch, and I was afraid it was going to haul it away. Luckily, the driver must have felt the damp upholstery; he drove off quickly.


  1. I hope it isn't starting to feel unloved...first tossed out on the curb and then rejected again. Glad you gave it a little sympathy!

    1. :-) Not sure sympathy is what I gave it, but at least it's in my sketchbook! ;-)


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