Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Warty Noses

1/8/18 Roosevelt Way Northeast
Roosevelt Way Northeast, the main north-south arterial going through the Maple Leaf neighborhood, is lined on both sides with gnarly, knotty old trees. Although their trunks are not as stout or tall as some other trees in the ‘hood, they are covered with moss and massive, distinctive burls. Thin sprouts pop out from the knots like errant hairs that need to be plucked. I always think of wicked witches in storybooks who had long hairs growing out of their warty noses. 

Any time I have need to park near one of those trees, I get the urge to sketch it. Last fall I sketched one during InkTober, and a couple years ago I sketched a few others. Toothy Stillman & Birn Nova paper is just right for capturing the bark’s rough, mossy texture with a soft pencil.

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