Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Still Life Weather Continues

Despite how many I make, sketching still lives is not my favorite thing. Apples and avocadoes are not particularly challenging to draw, so I don’t do them for drawing practice, but they are very challenging for practicing form, color and light. (They could make good compositional practice, too, if I ever stacked more than a couple of apples at a time.) 

Sometimes I like to sketch the same piece of produce twice – once in color; once in graphite – because I learn different things when I have color and when I don’t. I find shiny fruit easier for conveying form because I can rely on the bright highlight to do a lot of the work. The avocado with its dull, bumpy skin was much harder.

Sometimes I just crave using bright colors, and the gray winter landscape just isn’t doing it for me, so a tomato and a banana keep me happy. Mostly, though, still lives entertain me when it’s too wet to play outside.




  1. Beautiful! I love how you can create such wonderful form with your colored pencils, something I am still struggling with.

    1. Thank you, Cathy. I'm always very challenged by these small still lives, no matter how many I do. It's all just practice! Keep at it, though -- it's worth it!


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