Monday, January 15, 2018

A Dose of D

1/14/18 Maple Leaf Park

This time of year – the holidays are long over, and spring seems far, far away – could be the dictionary definition of doldrums. Day after day of gray skies and rain – even people who don’t suffer from seasonal affective disorder start to feel a bit gloomy. As a native of these parts, I’m used to it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get tired of it.

That’s why yesterday was such a treat – sunshine all day! It seemed like the whole city was outdoors, sucking up their megadose of vitamin D. The forecast for the foreseeable future is gray and rain again, but if we can have an occasional day like yesterday, getting through the winter won’t be so bad. 

Greg and I didn’t do anything special. We just walked up to Maple Leaf Park where I sketched the same old water tower I’ve sketched many times. When it’s so sunny that I have to wear shades, I could sketch a rock on the pavement and be happy.

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