Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Two Dogs and an Apple Pencil

12/28/17 Waiting patiently.
Lots of people take off the week before new year, so a few days after Christmas, I expected Zoka Coffee to be fairly crowded. I was surprised to find it even less busy than usual – my “victims” were few and far between. I spent quite a bit of time (and several tries, below) on this one guy who was busily writing with his Apple Pencil – his foreshortened arm and the odd angle of his head gave me a lot of trouble. 

I was happier with my canine victims – two pups patiently waiting outside for their human to return.


  1. These are very expressive people sketches (and canine). I am also going to simplify my sketching materials, but went away on a family emergency. Now that life is on a more even keel, I’ll join you in the challenge!

    1. Looking forward to hearing about your experiments with a slimmer sketch kit!

  2. Love the sketches of the doggies sitting and waiting! I think you did a good job on the people too. Some positions are just so hard!!


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