Saturday, January 27, 2018

Convention Center

1/26/18 lobby of the Convention Center
It seems like Urban Sketchers Seattle has met fairly regularly at the Washington State Convention Center. With natural light, people, plants, fantastic views and plenty of public seating all around, it’s a wintertime staple for us. But when I checked my blog, it turns out that the last time I had sketched there was in 2013, so I must have missed an outing or two since then.

I don’t know how long it’s been there, but we all noticed a striking architectural feature that was prominently displayed in the lobby: A Native American chief that once decorated the 1910 Cobb Building at Fourth and University. According to one news article, “The facade features large terra-cotta cartouches incorporating a stylized Indian chief’s face in full headdress. These were supposedly inspired by the photography of Edward S. Curtis.” In 2006 the former medical building was turned into apartments. I couldn’t find information about when or why the cartouches were removed – others are apparently elsewhere in the city – but I enjoyed sketching this one (along with Kate sketching it, too) in the comfort of the lobby.
1/26/18 I-5, Freeway Park and a sliver of sky

Eventually I wandered up to the top level, where floor-to-ceiling windows offer great views of downtown. I picked a view overlooking Interstate 5, Freeway Park (where we met last summer) and lots of buildings, where I could see only a sliver a sky between them. 

As usual, I found myself with only 15 minutes or so before the throwdown, so I looked up and chose a Freeway Park tree through a high window. 

1/26/18 Looking up


  1. Wonderful sketches! I espcially like the top sketch, did you use a brush pen to get the variable lines?

    1. Thank you, Cathy! No brush pen this time -- just my Sailor fude fountain pen!


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