Monday, January 8, 2018

Sakya Lion

1/5/18 Sakya Monastery lion
More than three years ago on a sunny afternoon, I sketched the Sakya Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the Greenwood neighborhood. The bright orange and yellow building was irresistible, not to mention the beautiful details all around it. I’d like to go back and sketch it again sometime, especially the huge bell and other percussion instruments on the side of the building that I didn’t get around to back then. (But I’m going to wait until I’m past my minimalism self-challenge so I can use full color, of course.) 

On my way to an errand in Greenwood the other day, I wasn’t planning to sketch the monastery, but I spotted a parking space right across from one of the fierce-looking lions flanking the entryway, so I abruptly pulled into it. I guess it called to me. It was too cold and drizzly to get out of my car, but I could easily sketch the lion from the side window.

1 comment:

  1. Perfect materials for the stone lion. Gotta take advantage of a good parking space. Good job!


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