Thursday, January 11, 2018


1/10/18 Feeling blue -- and brown.
In addition to still lives, another thing I don’t particularly enjoy but find myself doing a lot of in winter is self-portraits (when I first started sketching, I made a hundred of them). Of course, sketching any portrait is challenging, but there is something about drawing one’s own face that is especially daunting, and it has nothing to do with drawing.
1/9/18 Channeling my inner Obi-wan Kenobi

It’s vanity.

Looking at myself in the mirror only minutes after my first coffee is bad enough, but then to have to scrutinize every flaw and commit it to paper is humbling indeed. The upside, however, of starting the day with a selfie is that whatever else you draw the rest of the day is bound to be less frightening.

As long as I’m humbling myself, here are a couple of selfies from that hundred I made six years ago.



  1. I like your selfies, I’m not brave enought to tackle them yet, esp. so early in the morning!

  2. Yes, selfies are scary! I only do them if I'm having a good hair day. lol

    1. Hey, that's cheating -- you have do a selfie just after you roll out of bed for the full scary effect! Ha-ha!

      - Tina


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